Census out-of populace and you may construction, 31 Summer 1981: Cross-categorized attributes out-of individuals and you can homes Australian continent (Catalog No

Census out-of populace and you may construction, 31 Summer 1981: Cross-categorized attributes out-of individuals and you can homes Australian continent (Catalog No

  • Within the 1981, ladies aged 45–49 age have been less likely to have acquired a couple college students and you can about three college students (25% each) than simply four or maybe more children (33%).
  • Removed with her, ladies was basically considerably more gonna have seen three or maybe more pupils rather than had just a few people (58% versus twenty five%).
  • Because of the 1996, female in the age have been more likely to have had one or two youngsters (39%) than simply around three people (26%) or four or higher college students (15%). That it development turned significantly more noticeable before the current census when you look at the 2016.
  • The fresh new fall in the new proportion of women about 45–44 age bracket that have five or more children was really striking, from 33% from inside the 1981 so you can 11% inside 2016.
  • The family size of one or two children came into existence the most popular by 1996, and that provides remained steady subsequently (38%–39%).
  • Proportions of females which have one young child if any pupils has actually gradually enhanced since 1986, away from 8% during the 1986 so you’re able to fourteen% within the 2016 for just one kid, and you may regarding 9% in the 1986 to help you 16% from inside the 2016 for no youngsters.
  • Pulled together, as much as 29% of women old forty five–forty two age during the 2016 had one young child or no pupils, than the 16%–17% during the 1981 and you may 1986.


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You will find so it tension amongst the desire to be intimately active as well as the personal stigma of premarital sex on 1950s and you can sixties

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step 1 McDonald (1995) listed you to definitely about that-one-fourth away from brides were pregnant during the time of relationships. Premarital pregnancies led certain partners to get in a quick wedding.

  • While the years-specific virility pricing was expanding for females in their 20s during the this new 1950s, they certainly were secure for women old 29–34 decades and demonstrated a low pattern of these aged thirty-five–39 age. Which is, girls was in fact performing their loved ones from the a younger many years, and this ily dimensions within a fairly younger ages, rather than continued having more college students using their later thirties.

Brand new size of 45–forty-two 12 months olds inside the 2016 who have had zero children otherwise only one or two students has grown.